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A dissertation is the final year project whose assessment is at variance from the complementary module assessments. The expectancy is that the readers is in charge of acquiring skills, fabricating a review of the literature and also select a method to study, jot down the findings and discuss all the potential outcomes in the discussion section.

A student should check with his/her supervisor and with course literature about the structure of the dissertation because there are many differences. The basic outline of a good dissertation would be:

  • Title page: It will include the title, name of the writer, name of the course, date, and supervisor’s name.
  • Abstract: It is a paragraph which will summarize the entire dissertation.
  • Acknowledgments: Here mention the people who have helped you during the entire process.
  • Table of contents: It will comprise the chapters or the sections and sub-sections including the page numbers.
  • Introduction: It is a presentation of the thesis. It will also include the outline of the structure of the draft.
  • Body paragraphs: It will consist of the evidence, facts, interpretation, analysis and the discussion of the topic. The entire body paragraphs should be very well-constructed.
  • Conclusion: It will summarize all the significant things about the body paragraphs. Do not add any other new concept in this section.
  • Bibliography: It will include the entire list of the sources which is formatted suitably.
  • Appendices: It will include all the information which is not fundamentally comprised of the dissertation text.
  • Other sections which you have to include is the reference, methodology, procedure, summary, recommendations, etc.

Students face many hardships while composing a high-quality dissertation:

  • Commencing the dissertation writing is one of the most regular problems which students encounter. Students often fear that their work will not be completed on time and they will not be able to submit by the deadline.
  • Writing a perfect thesis statement is one of the most problematical parts of writing a dissertation.
  • Find suitable data and relevant sources is one of the biggest problem faced by a student. It is often very frustrating to come across the fact that you haven’t completed your research work.
  • Students are allotted plentiful time to complete their dissertation and therefore, they waste time and then procrastinate all the work being allotted to them.

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