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An essay, in general, is a piece of academic writing which gives the argument to a writer. The word essay has been derived from a French word which means “to attempt” or “to try”. It has become the most important part of formal education in the shape of complimentary response questions. Students have to elucidate, comment, and evaluate the topic in the shape of an essay.

A fundamental essay will comprise of three chief parts: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. If the students follow this format, they will be able to compose and systematize an essay. Below is the structure of an essay:

  • Introduction: It will direct the reader into the essay by introducing him/her to the topic. It should start with a hook that should grab the attention of the reader. This hook can be an analogy, a quote or a question. The introduction should also have the information about the topic.
  • Thesis statement: It will state the main idea or the argument of the essay. It will set a limit on the topic and will also point to the organization of the essay.
  • Body Paragraphs: It will support all the main parts that you have mentioned in the thesis statement. Each point will be developed by particular details and these details will include the support of experience and research.
  • Transitions: They will help to connect the paragraphs to the thesis statement. They can be words like “next”, “first”, “in addition”, etc.
  • Conclusion: It will summarize all the main points which are mentioned in the essay. It will also address the suggestions of the argument.
  • Citation: If an academic work is composed of research, it should make sure that credit is given to each source used in-text citations.

Students struggle while writing essays because of the following challenges:

  • Lack of ideas: Students lack the ideas and points which they will need while writing an essay. They should make sure that they research everything about the topic of their essay. Using Google, social media sites, educational websites, etc. will ignite new ideas in a student’s mind.
  • Lack of confidence: This is one of the major problems that can literally plague a student’s mind. If a student isn’t confident, he/she wouldn’t be able to enhance their knowledge and skills. A student should be brave enough to attempt and prepare enough for the bad outcomes. He/she can only learn if they practice.
  • Fear of failure: Students fear that they will not be able to achieve success with his/her writing skills. If the students are insecure about their writing, they should talk to their teachers or mentors.
  • Lack of knowledge: Students ignore the fact that the main difficulty that occurs is the lack of knowledge. To gain knowledge, they should read a lot of newspapers and novels.

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