Terms Of use

Terms of use


We have taken the initiative to present the Terms of Use of The Accounting Homework Help before you. They are as follows:-

  • The access to our website and our services are as per the terms and conditions of our organization. These terms and conditions can go through certain amendments when such necessary situation will arise.
  • Usage of false data while getting registered with our company is not acceptable.
  • We provide a free registration of the users with us and demand payments only when we serve the users by getting their homework done with ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • The Accounting Homework Help accept a wide range of payment modes as mentioned in the Payments details of our company but we do not accept West Union.
  • The Accounting Homework Help will not tolerate anything that may affect the welfare of the company.
  • The Accounting Homework Help will not serve any customer who violates the Terms of Use of the company or intends to do so.
  • The Accounting Homework Help understands your apprehension in paying for the services, but the price is only for your better growth and is almost negligible in comparison to the efforts our tutors bestow on your work as well as you.

The terms of use stated above shall be understood very properly and it will be assumed that the students have gone through and admitted the terms stated before they place any orders.

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